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PIPELINE Software, the developer of Syntempo®, announces a major feature rich upgrade to the industry’s most advanced outage execution management system.

Santa Ana, California – 2-17-2017 – To assist nuclear utilities in addressing the Nuclear Engineering Institute’s (NEI) industry driven initiative, Delivering the Nuclear Promise (DNP), PIPELINE Software has issued a major functionality release of its Syntempo® solution, the industry’s most advanced outage execution management system.

Syntempo puts outage teams back in control, and gives them the opportunity to measurably improve outage performance and reduce costs. It streamlines business processes and delivers actionable information to the fingertips of the people that need it, often even before they know they need it, which is critical to driving the high levels of work efficiencies needed to achieve DNP industry cost reductions.

The 2017 R1 release of Syntempo includes many customer and industry driven enhancements designed to optimize outage communication, resource coordination and work efficiency, which directly correlates to reduced cost, risk, and improved financial performance.

Syntempo provides not only a live real-time schedule showing the current progress of work in the field, but with this new release recalculates the estimate dates upon any status update. Teams can now base their critical work execution decisions on a real-time schedule that reflects what is happening in the field instead of waiting for the “formal” once-per-shift schedule which is typically out-of-date within minutes of being published.

This release also provides new modules for purchase to include a field mobile device and an improved kiosk technology to optimize craft work performance.  Charlie Sundling, PIPELINE Software CEO, states “Syntempo 2017r1 is another technological leap toward revolutionizing the efficiency of outage work execution.”

This new Syntempo version, with new available modules for purchase and with new functionality and technical improvements included with customer maintenance subscriptions, is available February 17, 2017.

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For additional information contact: Doug Kibler,, 949-333-0862

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PIPELINE provides advanced technology solutions that enable organizations to optimize the performance of their work planning, scheduling and execution. Our solutions focus on the improvement of plant shutdown/turnarounds, capital projects and maintenance work. PIPELINE's patented Syntempo® technology enables new levels of work execution performance by automating the collection of work progress from the field, performing real-time schedule-impact analysis, and recommending dynamic reallocation of resources based on the most efficient path. To learn more visit